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Crystal reports selection formula issue

I am having a hard time one last portion of a report I am writing, I haven't run into this scenario and would like to hear some input on this one. Also my first question on EE as I normally just read what others have been through.

So here's the situation, I have a field called {Arp} data within is like CM-2017 or M1-2017  etc.    I have another field call {ARC} it has data that is the first two digits. CM or M1  and I tried to use a parameter that has -2017 and combine that with the {ARC} to select records from {Arp}  
I don't even know if this is possible, I'm just not seeing a way to make this work.  

Any help greatly appreciated.
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Raghavendra Hullur
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Mike McCracken

That is almost the solution.

YOu need to convert the year to a string of 4 digits with no decimal palces and no thousand separator

{Command.ARP} = {Command.ARC} & CSTr({?year}, 0,'')

He said he is getting year in -2017 format, which is a string already, hence didn't use string conversion.
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Your correct, but this ends up including more than I wanted, but your formula is correct.  I think I have to go about this a little differently due to the other conditions.

way too much to try and explain here I think...but thanks for your answer.