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Auto-resize HTML frame depending on window size


I'd like the resize this frame depending on the window size, how can i do this?


<iframe width="1000" height="600" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";viz=GVIZ&amp;t=GRAPH&amp;gc=true&amp;gd=true&amp;sdb=1&amp;rmax=100000&amp;q=select+col0%2C+col2+from+1pNOeGhfGxNU9RvFgGMC5egdSprZL-6q50jt9anr5&amp;qrs=+where+col0+%3E%3D+&amp;qre=+and+col0+%3C%3D+&amp;qe=&amp;uiversion=2&amp;state=%7B%22ps%22%3A%221_0_1w_1_t_3a_1_x_-f_u_5_k_d_w_-c_1_m_13_-u_12_-16_b_16_e_-1i_8_2j_s_9_2o_m_4_1n_y_3_1x_-10_2_10_-c_a_2p_-j_6_20_z_q_1d_-q_b_2l_-p_c_1a_s_d_2a_-x_e_2s_-c_f_1t_11_g_27_z_y_3z_-k_i_1q_-x_j_23_-x_k_2t_-3_l_2d_v_n_2f_-s_o_15_-j_p_11_e_r_1j_-w_s_2r_g_u_1g_w_v_y_-4_13_-15_1f_z_46_9_10_3z_n_11_46_-6_1_z_5_14_-p_1p_15_-1b_z_7_2t_8_17_-e_-1x_h_15_m_%22%2C%22cx%22%3A85.96027096386045%2C%22cy%22%3A8.76855179300828%2C%22sw%22%3A639.789842687397%2C%22sh%22%3A245.5175468552088%2C%22z%22%3A0.999142241431289%7D&amp;gco_forceIFrame=true&amp;gco_hasLabelsColumn=true&amp;width=1000&amp;height=600"></iframe>

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Sandy Locke

Remove the local width and height attributes from the tag and use CSS to specify them.  Then you can use media queries to specify alternate CSS based on the width of the device used for viewing. you could also do the change during load with javascript to test viewport width and either change the specific attributes or swap classes.  If you use javascript you will need to add an id to the iframe tag so you can get a handle on it.
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Great thanks, I'm new to javascript, could you link to an example page that does, and mention the main elements, so I can try to copy the code over?
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Julian Hansen
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Great thanks a lot, that works :-)
You are welcome.