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Firedac, filters and case insensitivity

I have use other db components in delphi, but I am having a particular issue using firedac.
Using Delphi10 Seattle, Sql Server 2012.
I have a firedac table pointing to a dataset.
that dataset has 3 fields.

reg_id (integer)
id_css(varchar 8)
reg_value (varchar(250))

i have this table joined to another table using masterdetail, on the reg_ID
a particular record exists in the data set, and is shown in this query:

select * from dbregval where id_css = 'PSI99'
order by reg_id
(see pic1)
regID = 128000.
id_css = psi99
value string = '1'

in the program, I set the filter options to FOCaseInsensitve, foNoPartial
I have set this both at the component level and in code, before the table is opened.

when reg_id is 128006, a records is found (because id_CSS in db is PSI99)
(see file 128006.jpg)
however, when reg_id is 128000, no record is returned in firedac
(dmCommon.tblUserReg.isEmpty is returning true)
(see file 128000.jpg)
This is the sql as reported by firedac monitor, when I refresh the table:

FROM dbo.dbRegVal A
WHERE (A.reg_id = :reg_id) AND
(((A.reg_id = :FD__WN_reg_id) AND (A.id_css < :FD__WN_id_css)) OR ((A.reg_id < :FD__WN_reg_id))) AND
(id_css = 'PSI99')
ORDER BY A.reg_id DESC, A.id_css DESC

so, the question is : how do I use case insensitive filters, using firedac?
and why is this not working?  I'm new to firedac?
any idea what it is that I am missing?

(added test project source that demonstrates the issue)
Connie McBride
Connie McBride
An Integer does no have upper/lower cases

So I think it isn't that. Sorry.

Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
by making the where clause case insensitive
and for performance reasons don't use the filter and use bind variables

the filter is a slow way of finding the right records.
but this seems the only way to do this with fd and a memory table

 i haven't installed tokio yet ...

but ... why have you got 2 conditions on id_css

AND (A.id_css < :FD__WN_id_css)
AND (id_css = 'PSI99')

to make it case insenstive you would do this:
AND uppercase(id_css) = uppercase(:search_value)
Connie McBrideJust a simple programmerAuthor Commented:
1) the master detail is linked on integer, the filter is on id_css.  the text that *I* put in is id_css = 'PSI99'.
2) the sql generated is generated BY FIREDAC, not by me.  Since in mssql studio, using the where clause of 'where id_css = 'PSI99' returns all records, regardless of case, I would assume that FIREDAC should also follow that.
Sinisa VukCommented:
I'm think that you new to database too. But, I run your demo and it works correctly with my Delphi 10.2.1. So must be a Firedac issue.
try following:
procedure TForm1.BitBtn1Click(Sender: TObject);
   tblReg.Filter := 'reg_id = 128006';
   tblReg.Filtered := true;
   tblUserReg.Filter := 'Upper(id_css) = '+QuotedStr(UpperCase('PSI99'));
   tblUserReg.Filtered := true;

procedure TForm1.BitBtn2Click(Sender: TObject);
   tblReg.Filter := 'reg_id = 128000';
   tblReg.Filtered := true;
   tblUserReg.Filter := 'Upper(id_css) = '+QuotedStr(UpperCase('PSI99'));
   tblUserReg.Filtered := true;


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I got one record on first button and one on second too.

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