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Firefox Grr 2

Well, here we go again.  Version 57 of Firefox will not accept (show, whatever) the Acrobat extension that captures a web page. Same thing happened in V56, but the workaround, suggested by Joe (See "Firefox Grr) was to download and install the 32bit version. That worked. Today, with the release of 57, the Acrobat extension is even omitted from the 32bit version. Any suggestions?
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Joe: In Chrome I have the Acrobat tool icon in the menu bar.  V15.1.0.6.
> In Chrome I have the Acrobat tool icon in the menu bar.

Good point! So do I. I use Chrome only occasionally and forgot that it has the "Convert Web Page to Adobe PDF" add-on — thanks for the reminder.
Addendum: Acobat XI released an update three days ago. It must have included the FF browser add-in. I was trying to find a way to flush the grrr AdChoices from my system when I noticed the Acrobat add-on. You have to enable it.
Thanks for the heads-up on the new update. I'm going to defer 57 as long as possible, as one of my favorite add-ons won't work with it:
How to save the names and URLs of open Firefox tabs in a plain text file

The author has said that he won't rewrite the extension for 57:

I suspect that this will be the case for many authors, since it is apparently a lot of work to do a complete rewrite as a WebExtension, which is required to be compatible with 57 and future releases.