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What happens to user profile if I unjoin a PC from a domain?

Xetroximyn asked
We have a SBS server going EOL.  We only have some of our PC's on the domain already, and are considering doing away with the domain completely. (Most of our production runs on linux anyway).  I'm not sure what would happen with the user profiles if the PC's are unjoined from the domain though?  Can/will the profile just be converted to a local user profile with the same credentials instead of domain user profile?   Or does a whole new local profile need to be made and any settings/files/etc carried over manually?
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My thought on this.

If you remove the computer from a domain and then when you join again it will remoain on the c: drive.

If you remove it form the domain and not join it again, the directory will still be there
but if oyu want to log in as that user you may have to copy across the data from that directory into the new user.
Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / Engineer
You'll need to migrate the settings to a local user's profile. There's no automatic conversion.

There are tools to help though. I've heard good things about User Profile Wizard from Forensit.com.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013
Profiles are associated with SIDs (GUIDs).  Profiles are loaded based on the user SID logging in.  If the machine leaves the domain, the user profile is not used and is essentially dormant.  If the machine rejoins the domain, the user can log in again.

As stated above, you would have to manually migrate the profile to a new local account if you wanted to keep using it.  User Profile Wizard is good, but I've not used it to go to a local account, only TO Domain accounts.  And keep in mind, unless you're going to setup a Samba domain controller, you'll lose a lot of Windows PC centralized management abilities.

Download Profwiz from the following link and follow the instruction will migrate whole profile both from domain to local and viceversa


Click and download : Download User Profile Wizard 3.12 Personal Edition for Windows XP/Windows 7/8 and Windows 10

To migrate the profile, you have to create one user with standard or admin right (up to you). and migrate it.