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I have a user using outlook 365 and one of her colleague emails always went to Junk inbox, I have whitelisted the email address and disable the antivirus add on and still same, the outlook didn't set any rule also. This only happens to one of the email in the same company and domain, raise a ticket to Microsoft and the guy moved the inbox to other server and still same. Appreciate if any expert here can advise me on.

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xchiazyxAuthor Commented:
I resolve by removing the outlook profile and re-add it.

Thank you all for the kind advice given.
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Get the sender to send an email to one of the online services that evaluates the "spammyness" of an email. The one linked below has always worked well for me.

If there are some aspects of the report that you have trouble with, post here and someone will be able to help.

Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
The Junkmail folder in Outlook operates independent of your spam settings in Office 365. If the user ever accidentally sent the email from the user to the junkmail folder, it will tend to send that user's mail there in the future. If you whitelist the email in the Exchange Online admin portal through the O365 admin portal, it will not fix that issue. The user would need to be added to the safe senders list in Outlook instead.

In general, I prefer to disable the junk mail filter in Outlook and configure Exchange Online's spam filter to quarantine spam instead of the default settings, which is to send to junkmail. If you want to try using that method instead, follow this: https://www.cloudmarkdesktop.com/en/support/win/basic/kb/How-to-turn-off-the-existing-Junk-mail-filter-in-Outlook-Windows-Mail-and-Windows-Live-Mail?id=187&product=cds

In Exchange Online Admin Portal, you would then go to the spam filter rules and set it to send messages to quarantine, then configure Spam Quarantine Notifications. This method is much less problematic and prone to user error than the junkmail filter in Outlook, and because users are notified regularly about filtered messages, they will not get lost as often and you'll get fewer calls that end with, "Did you check the junkmail folder?" "No." "Do that." "Oh, there it is."
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xchiazyxAuthor Commented:
Hi Expert,

Thank you for reverting back.

I have added the email address to the safe senders list in Outlook as well.

Jackie ManCommented:
Try to uninstall the antivirus, restart computer and ask that person to send you an email to test.
xchiazyxAuthor Commented:
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