Since yesterday my EPSON LQ590 an a PC Windows 7 pro doesn't work. The computer sees my printer connected but when I send a document, nothing happens. The spooler see the document then is empty and the PC says the document is printed... but the printer doesnt move. I disinstalled the printer change the USB connecter. The printer is automatically reinstalled when I connect the USB cable but the problem persists.
Is my printer out ?

Thank you
thierry MOURLANNEAsked:
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Windows Update issue, after removing KB4048957, on a Windows 7 machine, the printer started working again.
I hope this helps you.

After installing this update, some Epson SIDM and Dot Matrix printers cannot print on x86 and x64-based systems. Microsoft and Epson have determined the cause of the issue and are working on a solution. This problem is not related to the printer driver, so installing current or older print drivers will not resolve the issue.
 Microsoft will provide an update in an upcoming release.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
If your printer is recognized then the connection works...thats a fact...try to print test pages directly from the printer...if that fails then you know the printer is malfunctioned...if not then maybe you have some driver/application issue ....
For instructions on how to print configuration pages check here
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Just because Windows recognizes a device doesn't mean that it still works.
Try a self test on the LQ-590 (see page 43 in the user manual)

That will tell you if the mechanics are still OK.  If the Self-Test works then try the other troubleshooting tests different cables, USB ports or even another PC.  If the self test fails then the printer may need replacing.
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first  i look in devices and printers - does it show there as online and default printer? no errors or problems ?
if all is ok, i would uninstall the printersoftware completely, disconnect the USB cable
and NOW reinstall the printer software - only connect it when asked for
that should work
Does this happen from all applications and all documents? If just 1 doc, try recreating that one. If just one app, try reinstalling or repairing it.
I disinstalled the printer
If you just deleted the printer from Devices & Printers, that may not do the job. Instead, first delete it. Then click on any other printer (even the XPS driver) and select Print Server Properties from the menu that appears at the top. Click the Drivers tab and delete all instances of the printer from the list. Then reinstall.

If you print via a server (unlikely, I guess, with an LQ) then you need to do those steps on the server.
thierry MOURLANNEAuthor Commented:
Exact, Thierry van Mourik, an other friend called me this morning for the same problem on the sape printer. I think the last update of Windows 7 pro (same windows configuration on the 2 PCs) contains a problem. Thank you for this solution !
thierry MOURLANNEAuthor Commented:
Exact, the solution was to remove the update and wait Microsoft fix.
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