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What would be a best practice for an admin to change users email id in o365. We had few users using wrong naming convention. Changing to company s standard naming convention. Without impacting email flow how to change the email id in o365. We don’t have on premise ad server . We use only Microsoft o365.

After change what user suppose to do. Do they need to add an account in local outlook again? How about email flow coming to old email address? Please advise me. Thanks.
abcd ab01Asked:
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Panagiotis ToumpaniarisConnect With a Mentor System EngineerCommented:
It would be best to add an alias for the user(s) with the wrong username and set it as primary.

They'll need the new UserID to sign in to the services, but they will receive emails to both emails.

But you should instruct them to inform their contacts of the change so that the mail flow on the 'wrong' email will diminish naturally.

Hope it helps

PS. more info here.
abcd ab01Author Commented:
abcd ab01Author Commented:
I changed users address as per above steps. User is ok with online, skype and Word with new address but cant setup local outlook. Its crashing. In outlook trying to delete old account, remove, its not allowing and not adding a new one. Any suggestion.

In her account in admin console, I deleted SPO type. Is that matters? How to recreate again.

I see 3-type existing- sip, smtp and SMTP. Please let me know how to resolve this?
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