Mac Book Pro reinstall mavericks but getting Temporarily Unavailable

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Hello I have  a Mac Book Pro that I need to reinstall the OS. I have erased the data on the drive from the drive utility and now about to reinstall the OS but it required me to enter the apple ID and password and then I get This item is temporarily unavailable.  I tried a few things such as making sure the format of the drive was Extended and Journaled, tried a another apple ID and no luck. I have another Mac Book Pro right here that I just reloaded but this system didnt require me to do the apple ID and it running os 10.8.5.  Any suggestions or what I am doing wrong??
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Did you power off and restart with the COMMAND + R to boot to the recovery partition?  If that process is failing then it may be the case that there is something wrong with the OSX installer which is located on the recovery partition.  Then you'll have to go and try installing from the Internet .. reboot and press COMMAND + ALT + R and it will now install OSX from the Internet but you must use an active apple_id which will give you access to the apple store and let you download the version of OSX appropriate for the laptop.
If you don't have a valid apple id you'll need to use another PC and register online to activate as you cannot setup a new apple id when reinstalling the OSX on a laptop.

Finally, if you have access to another laptop with Mavericks and a 8GB or bigger USB drive / memory stick you could use the following instructions to create an external USB installer and re-install OSX using that


Thanks Eoin I am using a good apple ID I have logged into apple ID website with the email address and password and I get in.  I was about to use my personal Apple ID that I have with my I Phone but not sure long term ramifications that would create.  Also When I do the command + r it still prompts me to put in a apple ID and password I wouldnt think it would it its installing from the recovery partition.  I am just not sure ? Or should I just jump to your last option and use the other laptop and flash drive?

Thanks for your help too, I really got to get this system out of here
You should always put in the apple ID when installing but if its not your laptop DO NOT use your personal apple ID to install.

If you've another laptop and a usb drive .. and a copy of Mavericks Installer on that Mac then it'll be far faster to install from USB at this stage .. go straight to the last option


Thanks again, but now on the other laptop it didn't prompt me to put in a apple ID at install and when i go to the apple store and go under purchase using the apple ID for this laptop it states the bundled application will be assigned to your apple ID. A unique hardware identifier from your computer must be sent to apple to verify eligibility and beside that it an Accept button that I push that and it just prompt me to put in my apple ID again, do that and nothing happens. Also I don't see mavericks os under purchased in the app store .....
Ok. We are moving into a tricky area.  OSX 10.9 Mavericks isn’t officially available on the App Store. If you’ve hosed the version on the recovery partition then you’ll have to ask Apple nicely to get a copy by providing the serial number of the MacBook to prove yourself.

Another option if your two MacBook computers are similar would be to clone the drive from one machine to the other

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