Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected. Wordpress, intermittent issue

Hi, earlier this week the back end of my wordpress site was blazing fast. Now it's back to being slow, with the intermittent error listed above. I haven't added any new plugins, I did update wordpress, but the issue spans that update. Meaning it was fast before the update, slow before the update, and now slow again afterwards.

I'm on the most recent version of WP, and the most recent version of DIvi. Yes, I know it's a monster them, but the customer specifically requested it.

Any thoughts? Any troubleshooting I can do?
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
You can provide your site URL or run it your URL through + likely see the problem.

There are two factors in site speed...

1) Hosting, which is almost always badly broken.

2) Code you use. Theme + plugins.

You can sometimes gloss over some hosting problems with a caching plugin which correctly uses mod_rewrite logic.

I've recently found many mod_rewrite based caching plugins are badly broken too, so you must test your site speed + if possible, track your .php file execution via the FPM access.log which will tell you instantly if mod_rewrite is working... if your caching plugin is working correctly, you should see no .php file involvement when you load test your site.
mel200Author Commented:
Hi, David - My site urls is techgardens dot com. More info- it happens when I save a page, and when it's spinning with connection lost, I can still reach the plugins page. I cannot go to all pages or open a new page. _ I am wrong about this, sorry. testing the speed now.

Also, it's intermittent, which leads me to believe it's a hosting issue, since I have good internet speed elsewhere while this is happening.
mel200Author Commented:
Ok, while the problem with the timeout is occurring, I ran the test you provided. I get two tests, both timed out. Would that not indicate strongly that it's a hosting issue?
mel200Author Commented:
And the third one is done:  Will need some help interpreting. Thanks!
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