Installing Server 2012 R2 STD

Trying to install 2012 R2 on a PowerEdge R320 RAID1 SSD
Installing for USB I installs and then after a reboot during the in stall I get the screen
"Administrator's password must be changed" after I change it, it asks for my password so it can boot in
what I get is a black screen and a c:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe window

it's curser is blinking on c:\Users\Administrator
If I close this CMD all I get is a curser and black screen. I can do a "CNTRL-ALT-DEL"
it brings up Windows Server 2012 R2 screen with options: Lock, Switch user, Sign off, change a password and task manager"
maybe I have a graphics setting issue????

Any advise is appreciated
jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAsked:
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Sounds like you are installing server core. Which is perfectly expected behavior on core. If you want the GUI, you need to select that during install or install it is a role using powershell (only doable on 2012/R2)
jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAuthor Commented:
this is what happens when you are lacking sleep
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