Is there a splitter for iPhone 7 and later that will let me use Wired earbuds WITH microphone while charging?

The user makes long phone calls with earbuds. They don't want to use Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth earbuds.

They need a lightning splitter for the iPhone that will allow it to charge and enable the earbuds speaker and microphone function at the same time.

I have seen splitters that only support the earbuds, but not the microphone feature.

Thank you.
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
If you look you'll find this lightning splitter on the Apple Store from Belkin

This adapter will allow headphones with control talk and power to both connect to the  phone at the same time.  It clearly says " Enjoy music or talk through Lightning Audio headphones while you charge."
Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:
I have seen splitters that only support the earbuds, but not the microphone feature.
I believe you're right.  I have not seen any splitter that can achieve what your customer is requesting.

For example, this splitter looks like it supports charging, listening to music and phone calls, but there is no specific ability seen in this product that one could use the microphone on the earbuds.  Maybe its worth a shot in trying it out if they haven't tried it already?
And this splitter shows the earbuds, but no microphone functionality anywhwere in its images or description.  These splitters are pretty misleading for what your customer wants.

The answer to your question is no.  Overall, I'm not seeing anywhere this splitter is available for your customer's specific needs.  The alternative is already what you had mentioned via Bluetooth.
computerlarryAuthor Commented:
Go raibh maith agat.  Salamat.
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