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MS Access Question Chart

I need to create a chart Y: minutes .
I have a time field. How do I convert data and use for Chart?
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The Datetime data type represents a point in time on a specific date.  It should not be used to store elapsed time.  I don't really understand your question so please give us more information.
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If the time part of the field is  2:24 which would be a point in time, you get 24 as the minutes value.  If you are using this as elapsed time, you will want 120 + 24 so that would make the expression:

(Hour(YourDate) * 60) + Minute(YourDate)

If the field accumulates more than 24 hours, then you need to convert the "days" also
But a Pat requested ...we still need to know a lot more about your data, ...and the format of the chart.

Please post an example/sample of your data, and also post a clear graphical example of the output you are looking for (based on the sample data)
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Thank you