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Best method to setup a tablet in KIOSK mode where it can only use Internet Browser to 1 website.

TechGuise asked
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Last Modified: 2017-11-18
Hello Experts,
We need a tablet that will only do one thing.  Use the internet browser... and will only browse to one site.
This will mainly be for providing information to those near the device, but want the ability to ask the user a multiple choice question also.

In a perfect world, each time the unit powered on, it would open up the browser and would go automatically to a pre-determined site (And would not be able to go to any other site)

Is it possible to force ANDROID or IPAD to start the browser as soon as it's turned on?  Based on what I've read on EE, it is possible on a windows machine... but assuming that a decent Windows Tablet is going to be a substancially higher price than say an ANDROID tablet.   Having it work on a cheaper unit would be preferable.

Plus with Windows 10 seems like the OS is going to be a lot more.... "overhead" (for lack of a better word) than is needed.   This website will literally be the ONLY thing this device will ever do.
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Hi TechGuise,

You can do this with an iPad with no overhead involved.


The system settings already have the options you need. Please follow the directions below:

1) Go to "Settings"

2) Tap "General"

3) Scroll down and tap "Restrictions."

4) Leave "Safari" toggled on but toggle off the rest.

5) Scroll down to "Websites" and give it tap.

6) Select "Specific Websites Only" and delete all websites by swiping to the left on each one until the only option left is "Add a Website..."

7) Tap "Add a Website..." and add the website you want your customers to access.

8) Back out of the "Add a Website..." window and then proceed to go to each option and turn it off.

That takes care of your website problem! ;) Now, to limit the movements of your customers when they are interacting with the iPad, please follow the directions below:

1) Go to "Settings"

2) Tap on "General"

3) Tap on "Accessibility"

4) Scroll down to the bottom and select "Guided Access."

5) Toggle on "Guided Access" and put in your Passcode (you can also turn on Touch ID to speed up getting out of Guided Access). While you're here, you can turn on "Time limits" if you want each customer to have a set amount of time (you'll set the time limit when you open Safari and tap the Home button three times)

6) Back out of everything and go to Safari

7) Triple-click the Home button and tap "Options" in the lower left-hand corner.

8) Toggle off the options that you don't want the customers to have, like the ability to adjust the volume or turn off/on the power with the "Sleep/Wake Button." After that, toggle on the "Time Limit" and select the time you want.

9) Tap Done.

The only issue is that when you update your iPads, you will need to stop "Accessibility" (this is where the TouchID would come in handy), update the iPad, and then turn "Accessibility" back on.

I hope this information helps. Take care.


Awesome!  Thank You!

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