iPhone fails to connect to Exchange Server

 I have several smart phone users whose exchange accounts fail to sync email/contact/schedule with exchange server 2010 running on SBS2011. A few days ago, I had to repair Exchange database after it was corrupted and I am afraid that this problem started after it was repaired.
 After that incident, there are 4 smart phone users whose phone stopped receiving/sychronizing emails from exchange server. But these users Outlook runs just fine.
So far I tried to remove their phones from Exchange Mgmt Mobile Device window, removed Exchange Account from their smart phones and added exchange account again, but it fails to show any emails on the phone.
 Registered Mobile PhoneWhen I added exchange account on their phones, I did not receive any error messages. But it simply does not show any emails after after 7 hours.
I like to avoid the situation where I have to remove (and re-create) their mailbox in Exchange server.

What do you suggest?

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Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
I've got a quick checklist of possible solutions here that I've gathered during my time here on the site.  Each time a new question is asked about a phone can't connect to exchange server I show them this article and if a new solution becomes available I add it to my ever growing article.
See if any of the suggestions here help you out.  https://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/19119/Phone-Can't-Connect-to-Exchange-Server.html
For example
Some MS Exchange servers are set up where the provider has policies to limit the number of devices, and require those with new phones to remove old ones (form in settings via OWA webmail) to be under that limit before adding a new device.
Ideally you should migrate users to a new database.  
Do you have any corresponding deny events in the access log?
Have you tried resetting the permissions on the user object in AD to default?

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sgleeAuthor Commented:
"Ideally you should migrate users to a new database.  " ---> I may have to do this if my last ditch effort fails. I will let you know in a couple of hours.
"Do you have any corresponding deny events in the access log?" --> a bunch of errors about active sync that I see in Event Viewer.
"Have you tried resetting the permissions on the user object in AD to default?" --> No, but I will get back to you on this too.

I am performing mailbox repair on one of the user mailboxes. After that is complete, I will try to add that user's account to my iPad to see if it works. In fact I will try to perform mailbox repairs on all those mailbox accounts with iPhone sync problem and try to add their account on my iPad. I will report back tomorrow.
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sgleeAuthor Commented:

  I started running mailbox repair on one account with 1.5GB size and when I see these events recorded.
  It acknowledged the beginning of the repair, but it does not say that repair has been completed.

Date:          11/18/2017 9:37:42 PM
Event ID:      10047
Mailbox level online integrity check for request 81652ac0-e4b8-4848-b7ef-977dd4915595 started:
Flags=Detect, Fix

Event ID:      10030
Date:          11/18/2017 9:38:01 PM
A mismatch was detected between a view of a folder and the actual contents of the folder. The mismatched item was ignored.
Attempts may be made to rebuild the view, but if this message continues to persist for this mailbox, moving the mailbox to a different database may resolve the issue.
Database: New_Mailbox
Folder: [MBX:Meagan AllItems]

Source:        MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store
Date:          11/18/2017 9:38:04 PM
Event ID:      10048
Online integrity check for request 81652ac0-e4b8-4848-b7ef-977dd4915595 completed successfully.

Date:          11/18/2017 9:38:04 PM
Event ID:      10062
Corruptions detected during online integrity check for request 81652ac0-e4b8-4848-b7ef-977dd4915595
Mailbox:8871FD37-A28E-4EAE-967A-2F8026963550 (Meagan Cannon)
Corruption      Is Fixed      FID      Property      Resolution
"Folder View", Yes, "1d71-1B378 (Inbox)", 0x00000001, "Delete the corrupted view"
"Folder View", Yes, "1d71-1B378 (Inbox)", 0x00000001, "Delete the corrupted view"
There should be event once the mailbox repair request is completed.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
This small mailbox (< 1.5GB) is taking more than 70 minutes already. I need to repair a couple of more mailboxes - 10GB and 20GB. Would you recommend that I run two more mailbox repair simultaneously or wait for each repair to finish? It would be nice for me to run all three jobs and go to sleep and they will be done whenever repair is completed.
Make sure you didn't miss the completion repair event based on the previously provided event viewer codes. You can try to run the repair process again, it should fail if one is already running.

Instead of repairing mailboxes, move them to a new database, it would be equally effective procedure, the corrupted items will be ignored during the move.

Online integrity check for request 81652ac0-e4b8-4848-b7ef-977dd4915595 completed successfully
Looks like a completion event to me.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Indeed this user's mailbox is repaired and I can see emails/contacts/schedule of this particular user on my iPad. Success!
There are two remaining mailbox accounts that were not working.
I ran repair command on both accounts. Let's call it UserA and UserB.

In case UserA, it failed to repair. I see the following message:
Source:        MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store
Date:          11/19/2017 12:05:00 AM
Event ID:      10049
Online integrity check for request 3dc22e2a-b2f4-4181-92e1-458071e194a6 failed with error -1515.

In  case of UserB, it repaired successfully according to Event viewer. I added his account on my iPad and I can see Contacts/Schedule. But I don't see emails, although all the folders/sub-folders of this user outlook is showing up. Just no contents. I am going to give it some time.

In case of UserA, do you suggest that I move the mailbox to another database and move it back?
Move both of those accounts to a new database and test access.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Can you give me a short description/steps as to how to move a mailbox from one database to another and then bring it back or move it back?
First of all you need to make sure you have enough disk space on the drive where the new mailbox database will reside, as well as for the logs. By default database logs are not deleted and kept until full backup is performed on the database. Another option is to set the logging to circular, that will ensure constant log size is maintained. More details here. This is how to turn it on or off.

During the mailbox migration, say for a 50MB mailbox the increase in disk consumption is as follows:
1. The amount of logs for source database will increase by 50MB, unless circular logging is set.
2. The size of mailbox database to which mailbox is being migrated will increase by 50MB for the size of the migrated mailbox.
3. The amount of logs for a destination database will increase by 50MB, unless circular logging is set.

To get the name of existing mailbox databases run:

Open in new window

More details here.
You probably will have only one.
You would need to create the new database.
Or here.
To move the mailbox in question:
New-MoveRequest -Identity user -TargetMailboxdDatabase NewMailboxDatabase

Open in new window

As previously indicated you should move all your users to new database of you have recovered this database with eseutil.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
If I create a new database and move a few mailboxes to it, does it affect those users in terms of (1) their existing outlook on their computer (2) mobile devices (3) when setting up new outlook on a new computer, does it matter which database this user mailbox is located?

I olny have had obly one mailbox database in exchange servers in the past and Unfamiliar with more than one  mailbox database.
You would need to compare the existing settings on the mailbox database using the following command:
Get-MailboxDatabase olddatabase | fl 

Open in new window

Get-MailboxDatabase newdatabase | fl 

Open in new window

More details here.
To apply needed settings

Open in new window

sgleeAuthor Commented:
In an attempt to make a mailbox move, I created a new mailbox database "Temp_Mailbox" and it is mounted.
I selected one mailbox account for testing. Selected "Temp_Mailbox" destination  Snd tried  100 and 1000 in BadItemLimit field, but both time it failed. So I selected "Skip the mailbox" option and it began moving. I will report back with result.

My question is that
(1) Since this is a test, can I move this mailbox back to the original database after I do some testing such as Opening Outlook to make sure that it still finds this user mailbox that has been moved to new mailbox database, OWA, iphone/ipad connecting to this mailbox ... etc?
sgleeAuthor Commented:
My test for moving mailbox has failed around 50% mark. So I removed the move request entry from Recipient Configuration/Move Request section.
I find it strange because this is a mailbox where Outlooks runs fine, iPhone and iPhad has not problem synching with Exchange server and I can access email via OWA.
As with every issue in IT, you need to examine the logs.
In this case mailbox migration logs should have been reviewed, in 99% of the cases, it's amount the corrupted items that you need to increase.
Here's an example:
Get-MoveRequestStatistics "username" -IncludeReport | fl report

Open in new window

The access to the mailbox doesn't guarantee access or lack of it, it very depends on the type and scale of corruption in the mailbox.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
"The access to the mailbox doesn't guarantee access or lack of it," --> I thought mailbox repair would take care of these type of corruption issues. Is that not the case?

I ran this:
New-MailboxRepairRequest -Mailbox user@domain.com -CorruptionType FolderView
Review the following article. The best command in your case would be as specified in Example 4.
Just remove the "-Archive" switch at the end of the command if the user doesn't have an archive mailbox.

I thought mailbox repair would take care of these type of corruption issues. Is that not the case?
I'm not aware of such outcome and no one will guarantee it to you.
The tool will do it's best to repair the existing state of the mailbox. That's all MS says.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
After running multiple mailbox repair commands and removing iPad on mobile device manager on each mailbox several times, finally all these accounts are working on my iPad. I will just need to do the same on user’s iPhone tomorrow.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
When I remove existing exchange account on iPhone and remove mobile device on Exchange management Console/Manage Mobile device, and add exchange account back on the phone, it is showing emails in INBOX, contacts and calendar. However it does not display any emails in any sub-folders under the INBOX.
Confirm your iPhone is up-to-date, software-wise.
Try using a MS Outlook application instead of Iphone's one.
Probably this one.
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