Can i get service on ny iphone after being reported lost?

Denzel Leban
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I bought the phone from my friend and he deleted his icloud and i put mines in. Note that its tmobile so i went to go pay for service and they say it was reported lost or stolen but my icloud is in and it isnt activation locked please i need my iphone to be on
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Are you saying you have the phone?  If so, call your ISP and have them reset the SIM card.
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If your phone has been reported lost or stolen then it is registered as such on an international database, specifically designed to reduce stolen phones to being worthless (the more cynical might suggest that in reality it is a healthy revenue stream for networks to force people to buy more handsets as they have no 2nd hand value as cannot be used...). You would need to get your friend to take it, and his proof of purchase, into the store that sold it to him and get them to contact the network it was listed as lost/stolen with to have the ESN removed from their list.
Daryl BamforthTechnical Expert

Information on phones marked lost/stolen.

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