Creating a dynamic query for Google Fusion Tables


The following fusion tables chart uses an sql query to populate the chart:

How can i edit the query to filter for say keyword "bingo" ? Ideally as a variable so as a follow-up question/project I can link this to a input search box and start developing the page.

<iframe width="1000" height="600" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";viz=GVIZ&amp;t=GRAPH&amp;gc=true&amp;gd=true&amp;sdb=1&amp;rmax=100000&amp;q=select+col1%2C+col2%2C+col0+from+1Gk2Gpw70hvXqjDoXVcAu8G_7xTwIv4jrhsHiEkL7&amp;qrs=+where+col1+%3E%3D+&amp;qre=+and+col1+%3C%3D+&amp;qe=&amp;uiversion=2&amp;state=%7B%22ps%22%3A%221_7_-16_-f_v_cz_4_w_cg_-q_n_-6v_-1f_o_-6r_-27_a_8g_1_9_8r_-m_30_-a_1_4_-c7_-1f_5_-bs_-1t_3x_-df_-34_3y_-d0_-3i_5p_4y_1p_5o_52_29_50_-m_-11_37_8v_-3z_36_89_-3w_3a_6o_o_3b_6t_1c_1p_-c_-o_1j_-9d_-15_1k_-97_-h_3j_-da_4_3k_-dt_-g_3_-e9_1e_2_-dk_1w_5r_-1n_-19_cv_-1h_i_e_ds_-3h_d_da_-3x_3f_f0_1a_7e_-11_-1g_iw_f6_-1q_iv_ex_-2i_q_-75_1u_p_-7o_27_24_7z_32_23_87_3n_16_56_-24_17_63_-26_az_-1z_b_gb_-26_-u_5z_-e1_-3t_5y_-dn_-4d_6m_ab_3i_6n_ag_2s_in_ci_-48_io_d0_-4h_5w_-ap_2t_5v_-9r_28_s_-l_-1f_jd_-10_q_lm_3a_-26_ll_34_-2y_3v_62_-48_3u_6n_-3y_li_-4s_-3p_kj_3x_-17_ki_3b_-1l_2d_bb_-3k_2e_aq_-3j_i2_-n_r_lh_-46_-3z_5q_-1d_-1q_j1_d9_49_j0_dq_48_1b_-83_3e_1a_-88_2p_3e_f8_-5_m1_-7w_3u_m0_-8e_45_cq_-bz_30_cr_-cl_2r_6z_-2k_3v_6y_-19_42_cp_8u_4a_co_8b_47_3c_ew_32_3d_eb_3f_1c_-e_-1q_m2_-6_q_1r_6o_2y_1q_67_22_g0_-11_15_2v_e3_2d_2w_dg_2t_32_40_a_33_3y_-8_ez_-1j_-45_ey_-p_-41_mw_-6p_4e_mv_-66_4i_nd_-9j_30_ne_-a3_3f_4s_f9_f_dt_-1a_-21_51_-c_10_88_-2q_1_a5_-at_-d_a4_-af_-t_a9_-5v_b_a8_-5t_-7_e4_7_-1f_m8_0_-1p_57_-m_18_ur_7c_-2t_uq_7e_-3b_ty_-48_4l_tz_-4g_49_le_-2f_-9_1e_-6_-1z_tx_-17_1f_u6_-o_-27_7v_aj_2a_7u_az_2e_gq_-f_-24_ay_-1h_1d_pz_93_-33_q0_9e_-2p_8h_-e1_28_8i_-eg_2p_i8_-v_1h_c3_-16_-2c_vz_6w_-2h_w0_6e_-1q_18_4o_-2x_19_45_-30_p6_6k_-3d_p5_71_-3k_cd_-1r_-1v_b0_-2g_4_c1_-ag_10_c2_-9v_13_9e_-2k_-u_10_-2b_o_nk_-1m_1j_6p_-8p_3o_6o_-8l_37_8l_dh_38_8m_bu_3o_ka_-2m_-g_aa_-1j_-2e_ev_-1y_1h_ma_f7_-14_m9_f2_-i_22_-2f_-18_ga_-25_z_a7_5r_-i_a6_6a_-c_g1_3o_2v_g2_34_2r_hf_-bq_-4l_tw_-cj_-4k_o5_-2b_-26_ou_-9e_y_ov_-%22%2C%22cx%22%3A21%2C%22cy%22%3A-33%2C%22sw%22%3A1236.1335687288026%2C%22sh%22%3A474.362769038141%2C%22z%22%3A0%7D&amp;gco_forceIFrame=true&amp;gco_hasLabelsColumn=true&amp;width=1000&amp;height=600"></iframe>

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Here is the documentation, but i'm such a newbie here not sure where to start! A WHERE clause needs to added but not sure of the syntax here, and how to add this as a variable in say javascript.

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Julian HansenCommented:
Where would the keyword bingo exist - I would need to know what table / column to look in.
xeniumAuthor Commented:
Let's say column 1 for now, there seem to be 3 columns in the SQL query, i would want to be able to filter on either of the first 2, which I think is what generates the network chart, but trial and error would confirm this. I assume a start would be to edit the SQL query, but I'm not sure how it's encoded, or how to decode it:


EDIT2: just found and got this

q=select col1, col2, col0 from 1Gk2Gpw70hvXqjDoXVcAu8G_7xTwIv4jrhsHiEkL7&qrs= where col1 >= &qre= and col1 <= &qe=&
xeniumAuthor Commented:
I've tried fiddling with the WHERE clause and don't seem to get any change. However changing the select clause is having an impact, so i know i'm looking at the right file at least!
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Julian HansenCommented:
I just checked the docs and you appear to be using Fusion Tables 1 which was deprecated August 1 - Version 2 seems a bit easier to work with have you considered moving to that - it requires a Google API key
xeniumAuthor Commented:
I've done some digging and it appears that the charts feature is not yet available in the "new look"

The data was however imported using the "new look" interface:

If there's a workaround for now that'd be great otherwise may have to wait/hope for the feature to be included in v2
xeniumAuthor Commented:
Ah, the interface offers a filter option which does appear in the HTML offered when publishing:


and shows in the preview:

But does not appear to render in the published HTML:

<iframe scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";viz=GVIZ&amp;t=GRAPH&amp;gc=true&amp;gd=true&amp;sdb=1&amp;rmax=100000&amp;q=select+col1%2C+col2%2C+col0+from+1Gk2Gpw70hvXqjDoXVcAu8G_7xTwIv4jrhsHiEkL7+where+col2+contains+ignoring+case+&#39;bingo&#39;&amp;qrs=+and+col1+%3E%3D+&amp;qre=+and+col1+%3C%3D+&amp;qe=&amp;uiversion=2&amp;state=%7B%22ps%22%3A%221_a_67_u_d_3z_-2m_e_4v_-10_17_6i_-2d_16_66_-2u_1k_-5n_-2_1r_62_31_1q_56_2o_1c_o_-1g_1p_2_e_n_-65_-14_w_3c_f_9_1q_5_1e_1f_-21_s_1_-s_10_-2e_1o_7_-1s_k_5_-57_-2a_4_-4j_-1u_19_2s_-2x_18_4x_-36_o_-41_n_p_-4n_-l_3_-53_1c_2_-47_1l_22_-3g_-1s_v_33_15_1j_-53_-1f_1a_-61_-2b_1b_-5q_-1s_q_-5u_1j_23_2g_-2c_24_2n_-v_%22%2C%22cx%22%3A21%2C%22cy%22%3A-33%2C%22sw%22%3A1236.1335687288026%2C%22sh%22%3A474.362769038141%2C%22z%22%3A0%7D&amp;gco_forceIFrame=true&amp;gco_hasLabelsColumn=true&amp;width=500&amp;height=300"></iframe>

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xeniumAuthor Commented:
Julian HansenCommented:
I can't answer your latest question - I can assist with getting the query setup on the URL for version 2 - beyond that I am unable to assist.
xeniumAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks I'll put this on hold and maybe post an aside to find a work-around for now.
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