Windows drive permissions error


I have a windows 7 system with a thick proprietary application layer on top of it, and am trying to attach to a network share with failure at permissions.  

It's a simple network share to a folder with a login and password.  

On my laptop, I can put the same information in and it works fine.  But something on this other system is gumming it up.  I'm not sure if it is a firewall or some kind of whitelisting or what.   The path and login seem correct, and it does have rights, but for some reason the client does not think it has rights.  

I have looked at the cap file, attached, but cannot make sense of the failure here. is the client. is the server with the folder.  

Can anyone make sense of this?  Thank you.  I hope I am requesting this correctly.
jeff maughanAsked:
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Andrew WrightIT CoordinatorCommented:
jeff maughanAuthor Commented:
Thank you!  It was permissions
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