Pushing VFP data to asp.net Gridview Issue

I have a web service pushing vfp data (oledb dataset) from server A to an asp.net app's gridview on server B.
The date fields showing up in the grid are ALL the previous date. For example, the raw data is 11/20/2017, yet the gridview will show 11/19/2017. I also tried with the asp.net app installed on a completely different server, on a different network. I get the same results.  
However, if I call the web service from server A to my asp.net dev PC, I get the proper dates showing up.
I've tried coding the webservice using both ODBC and oledb and the results are the same. Any ideas?
Paul RaymondAsked:
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Paul RaymondAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input everyone. I did rule out the timezone as the issue. My initial attempt was using vfpoledb and OLE DB on the webservice running locally on the server with the vfp datafiles (via Linked Server on MS-SQL. When I noticed the anomaly I tried using ODBC as the connection on the web service. Same results. Finally,  my workaround was to create Views in MS-SQL using the OpenQuery() function on the VFP tables, then do my data reading on the views. This seems to work and provides me with the right date values on my ASP.net web application.
For clarification purposes......

the raw data is 11/20/2017
As seen from where?      
*  Within the source data table?
*  Or (MORE IMPORTANTLY) as seen when you put the URL into your browser and then read the results on your browser screen?

That will help differentiate if the data is really coming out of the Web Service correctly.

If that proves to be accurate, then just walk through your .Net code as it processes the individual parts of the data to see what is happening.

Good Luck
This has nothing to do with ODBC or OLE DB but you should check time zones set on different devices. From what you described it seems the server B has different time zone from server A or your dev PC.  Even the browser (or rather JS code) can adjust the date displayed.
This sounds horrible... OpenQuery() on linked DBF table is very slow but if it works for you then OK. Even when we don't investigate where the problem is please select your post as an answer. This work around is worth to keep in history.
Paul RaymondAuthor Commented:
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