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Sudden loss of network access by workstation running Windows 10 1709

I have a computer on the network that suddenly stopped connecting to the network.  The icon in the lower right corner has a small red x in it.
When looking at the status on the network adapter, the details page is blank.
Nothing in the system devices is off side.  The network adapter status is that the device is working.

I tried a wireless adapter, and it could see the wireless sources, but could not connect.
I removed the hard drive, temporarily installed another drive and installed windows 10 Pro version 1709.

The network adapter works fine, so that would rule out a hardware issue.

I will try a repair of the existing windows installation, but otherwise may have to do a clean install.

The only errors showing up in the event logs are to do with the roaming profile not being found which makes sense.

If I try disable the firewall, the mouse pointer turns to a circle and pulsates with the computer freezing

the computer runs SEP 14.0.1 the newest release
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Jose Gabriel Ortega Castro

8/22/2022 - Mon