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How NOT to run automatically in Admin mode?

I am attempting to run a program named Fences 3.0 by Stardock Software. It is giving me multiple requests after install to do various things to my hard drive. I had simply purchased the upgrade and installed it the most intuitive way. I requested Stardock's assistance and they replied: "Do not set Fences.exe to run as Admin and those message will go away."  I did not see any option during installation to  do or not to do anything similar to what they are asking me to do. I have no idea how to accomplish their suggestion.  I already uninstalled the software then ran their batch routine to eradicate any traces of their software then reinstall. I am getting the  same popups. How to I go about following through with what they are asking me to  do here?
Computer Dell M4800 Workstation/Laptop
Windows 10 Operating system
Lots of memory and storage on laptop still available and no other problems being exhibited.

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