Office 2010 won;'t activate after upgrade to W10...

I ran Produkey64 and Belarc and got license keys for Office 2010 on my W7...
I installed W10 on top of W7 and W10 activated...BUT most everything was not working correctly...
W10 was messed up BUT it did activate...

Then I put in a NEW hd and did a fresh install of W10 and it activated...started re-installing all my applications...

Then I installed Office 2010 and using the key from my W7 PC it will NOT activate...
It will not activate on the internet nor by phone...I think phone activation on 2010 is not available...
I also have the key that is in the retail box and tried joy...

Suggestions please...

If I go to change product key and enter my old key...I get "Sorry this isn't a Microsoft office 2010  may be entering a key from another version of office...

So...I uninstalled Office 2010 and tried another CD with a different key...and that will not activate either...
Steve MutchlerIT TechAsked:
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Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:
Also...when I go to and enter the won;t recognize...

So...confusing...I have used Office 2010 on my W7 for 3 years or issues...why now...???
Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
You seem to have paraphrased the error which is NOT a good thing.

Is the error

Invalid Product Key - "This is not a valid Office product key. Verify that you have the correct key and retype it."

Try these 2010 - has a “wizard” that steps through possibilities, many links 2007/2003 - links to possible solutions

Let us see how it goes.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Office 2010 only allows so many installations. You may have gone past the number of installs. If that is the case, you must contact the Microsoft Store and see if they will permit another install.
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Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:
Nagarendra...those links seem to go nowhere...

John...So...Office 2010 is different than other versions of office in than by allowing only so many cannot move it from one computer to another...???
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You have to uninstall from one to be able to install on another.

Try this US number 1-877-696-7786 (1-877-MY-MS-STORE)  and see if they will help.
Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroCEOCommented:
Practically any license is allowed to be "moved". you need to uninstall and activate again.
That concept of moving licenses is almost inexistent for Microsoft licensing. You have to remove, activate (again) and they will keep the count (if it's volume licensing).
Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:
What I did NOT do was uninstall Office off the OLD HD...

I'll hool the old HD back up...and uinstall...see if that makes a difference...

Does Office have a place to "de-activate" a license like the Adobe products do..(did)...
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Yes. And that is why I suggest you call the store.
Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroCEOCommented:
It has, not like the Adobe. (they are different companies). but here's how to do it.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Office activation issues tend to turn into ever decreasing spirals of frustration because once you start getting errors you really need to remove all traces of the previously failed install before starting again - and Office installer always leaves stuff behind :(

Just to get a summary of where you're currently at.

With your original successful install on the Windows 7 machine:

How did you get the software?

  • Was this supplied on the machine as a trial that you activated?  If so did you activate the version installed or upgrade it at the same time.  Did you get the Key as a physical "scratch card" from a store or online from Microsoft or another supplier?
  • Was it installed for you?
  • Did you install it from a disk set (or download) that you purchased?

Is this is the activation key that's no longer recognised by the Microsoft Office site?

You have one or more alternative installation disk sets with 2010 on that include retail keys?

  • Are these currently activated anywhere else?
  • Which flavour of Office 2010 are you trying to install (Standard, Pro,Home & Student etc)?
  • Are they the same versions as the installation media that you have?

Which installation media have you used for the version you are trying to move from your old Windows 7 install to the new Win 10 machine?  (Installation media and Activation Keys are paired for Office so even if the end result is the same you can use media from one route and a Key from another to get there).

2010 doesn't normally need to be deactivated one one machine before installing on another unless you're using a corporate version.  Home/Retail versions just deactivate the older install when activation status is next checked.

As you've already installed/reinstalled a couple of time you could try the Office 2010 official "scrubber" tool from Microsoft to remove it

Although in a recent thread on 2010 installation problems this third-party tool turned out to be more efficient!

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Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:
Well...the frustration was certainly there...
I am up and running...Office 2010 is activated...

First I used RevoUninstaller...reboot...
Then I used your suggestion refusttosuffer...and it found some more traces...
After a reboot...I did an install and it activated...


This Office 2010 was a normal retail out-of-the-box...I've had it about 3 years maybe...and it was re-installed once before...about a year ago...

So...based on past experience I EXPECTED it to re-install...MAYBE...the license server saw the first install and the license terms permitted one
re-install...I don't know....

In my googling around for answers...I ran into a post that says to the can take up to 30 days for an Office re-install to register
on the license server...that might have something to do with it...
Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all for sticking with me and helping me work it out...

Appreciate your time and effort...
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You are very welcome and I was happy to help
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