Best book or posts on the architectures of large scale ecommerce / social network sites

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If someone wants to lead team(s) of software engineering in large scale ecommerce companies or social network companies or Software as Service then what all things they should be familiar with especially in the space of software engineering and distributed systems.

What are some of the good books they should have read or blogs they should have internalized that they can help their teams succeed

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High availability and load balancing come first to mind.
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I would want to be a great leader for my team and hire the right people that will be much smarter than me.

Are you looking to be a founder of a start up or get hired for an existing position in a company already providing this service?  Being a founder will require additional skill sets.

Or are you asking what skills will you need to know as if you were the developer?  That would include infrastructure, database, security, sociology, analytics, computer science, and marketing to start. I am using these terms as general meaning.  David mentioned high availability and that would be one of many things that come under infrastructure.  

I would also want to study my competitors be reading as much information on past efforts on what worked and what failed and understand why.


thanks Scott but do you have any articles or post or technical papers on how folks reach to those levels.  Like as a VP of engineering how will you set up a team to manage and maintain high traffic ecommerce sites or social network sites, How will you gain the respect of existing people and attract talent unless you can intelligently talk about these complex highly scalable sites architecture

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