dropdown control does not show correct column

On my app I have a series of 4 cascaded dropdown controls. I.e. I have, each related to a table


the idea is to start selecting the  [region] then, within it the [sector], then within it, the [section], and finally, the [base] as per the below screenshot:

the controls are linked to the tables via a SELECT and the linked column is correct:


so, starting with [region], on the [before update] event I do filter the subtables related to the "sub" controls, using their "rowsource" with the code:

Private Sub frmfld_regiaoOrgao_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)

    Dim strSectorRowSource As String
    Dim strSeccaoRowSource As String
    Dim strBaseRowSource As String
    strSectorRowSource = "SELECT zCT_Regioes.codRegiao, zCT_Sectores.codigoSector, zCT_Sectores.nomeSector "
    strSectorRowSource = strSectorRowSource & "FROM zCT_Regioes INNER JOIN zCT_Sectores ON zCT_Regioes.codRegiao = zCT_Sectores.codigoRegiao "
    strSectorRowSource = strSectorRowSource & "WHERE (((zCT_Regioes.codRegiao)= '" & Me.frmfld_regiaoOrgao & "'));"
    Me.frmfld_sectorOrgao.RowSource = strSectorRowSource
    strSeccaoRowSource = " SELECT zCT_Seccoes.refRegiao, zCT_Seccoes.refSector, zCT_Seccoes.refSeccao, zCT_Seccoes.nomeSeccao "
    strSeccaoRowSource = strSeccaoRowSource & "FROM zCT_Seccoes "
    strSeccaoRowSource = strSeccaoRowSource & "WHERE (((zCT_Seccoes.refRegiao)= '" & Me.frmfld_regiaoOrgao & "'));"
    Me.frmfld_seccaoOrgao.RowSource = strSeccaoRowSource
    strBaseRowSource = "SELECT zCT_bases.refRegiao, zCT_bases.RefSector, zCT_bases.RefSeccao, zCT_bases.RefBase, zCT_bases.codBase, zCT_bases.nomeBase "
    strBaseRowSource = strBaseRowSource & "FROM zCT_bases "
    strBaseRowSource = strBaseRowSource & "WHERE (((zCT_bases.refRegiao)= '" & Me.frmfld_regiaoOrgao & "'));"
    Me.frmfld_baseOrgao.RowSource = strBaseRowSource
End Sub

Everything looks alright but and the dropdown controls do show the correct set of records for each "sub" table.

However, no matter what, the linked column shoen in the control is always the leftmost one [region] and not the correct column.

can anyone help?
João serras-pereiraAsked:
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Neil FlemingConsultant and developerCommented:
I think you may just need to set the columns widths to zero (0) in the dropdown for those columns you do not want to show.

Right now you have visible columns widths 0.5;0.5;5. If you only want to show the 3rd column, this should read "0;0;5.0"


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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
I believe Neil has you straight, but you don't need all those Requery lines, like this one:


Setting the RowSource triggers a Requery of the combo automatically.
João serras-pereiraAuthor Commented:
THANKS!!!!! It works now!
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