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how can I transfer my MySQL database from my localhost to my WebSite??

My app(Done with Delphi) uses a local MySql database in home netWork Environment. Several users can access my database  at the same time from within my home NetWork.
I wish be able to transfer my database to my WebSite so my database will be accessed from users from everywhere.
I have a website powered my and have what I need to access my domain.
Please I need step by step directives in order  to transfer my database to my website. I am actually use MySql WorkBench!
Thanks in Advance
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Julian Hansen
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Logon to MySQL Workbench

- Select Server => Data Export
- Select the database you want to dump from the dialog by checking the appropriate checkbox
- Select "Export to Self Contained File"
- Browse to where you want the file saved
- Check OFF "Skip Table Data" (bottom right)
- Click Start Export
(You will be asked for your DB password during this process)

Clean Export
- Open exported file and remove first two lines

Open in new window

Importing depends on what is available on your server - if you are able to connect via WB then do as follows
Import - WorkBench
- Select Server => Import
- Select Import from Self Contained File
- Browse to file saved in step 1 above
- Select target database from "Default Target Schema" dropdown
- Click Start Import.

Import - PHPMyAdmin
- Logon to PHPMyAdmin
- Select Database from DB list on the left
- Click Import
- Click Browse and browse to the file you saved in step 1
- Click Go
NB With most PHPMyAdmin installations you can upload a .zip of your SQL file. If you use this option your file must be named
Where XXXXXX is a name you choose
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bish wakim


It seems this is what  I need. I will try and come back to you later!
Hello again Julian
I need answers to some Questions in order to proceed:
1. in the export section I did not see bottom right to check off "Skip table data"
2. do you mean I can use import-WorkBench only without using import-PHPMyAdmin?
3. I think I succeeded to export my database to a location in my computer. I am using FileZilla to access my web site. So what then? is it enough that I upload my database file to there?
Please don't let me down!
If you read through Julian's directions carefully, you'll require a step in your hosting setup to...

1) Create an empty database.

2) Import your data into your empty database.

For this you'll normally use phpMyAdmin or commands to directly create + load a database on the command line. Something like this...

db-create --dbname=foo --dbuser=foo --dbpass=MEGnuXScxyk6Xlr9
pv foo.sql | mysql --defaults-extra-file=/etc/mysql/debian.cnf --default-character-set=utf8 foo

Open in new window

You can't use sftp for this. You'll use a specific tool or command sequence designed to create + load your database.

Also, if you use a CMS like WordPress, you can use a backup/restore plugin like Duplicator or BackupBuddy, which create a zip file + installer file, so in this case you just create an empty database using your hosting panel system or phpMyAdmin + then copy the .zip data file + installer.php file to your site using sftp + navigate to the installer.php file with a Web browser + follow all instructions presented to you.

If this is your first time going this process, you might consider hiring someone to assist you.

Have them make a video of all their steps, so you can do this yourself in the future.
Yes this is my first time. I thought it would be simple.
You are right. I had better hire someone to assist me.  
may you help me to find somebody?
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Julian Hansen
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Hello David
As a matter of fact my application should not run in the web. However with the help of FireDac component  it is possible to retrieve data easily from my WebSite(This is what I need)

Thank you for you both. I will try to transfer MySql file to my WebSite using WorkBench.