Value duplicates when I transfer reports to excel in Quickbook pro 2017

Hello experts,

Whenever I try to export reports to excel , it automatically change (duplicate) value of all entry. And most of the time it won’t even export. I am using multi user and we have 2 users and both are having same issue. I tried rebuilding data file but still having issue. I did quick book doctor scan and 0 issue found. Please help!
nakul dewanAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Make a copy of the QuickBooks data file to a local machine. Keep the original data file safe.

Now open QuickBooks, use the main dialogue window, open a company, navigate to the local file, open it, switch to Single User mode and try exporting to Excel. Does it work?

I have QuickBooks V2017 and Excel V2016 and it exports files to Excel fine in multi user mode.
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