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Traffic manager for Azure

msidnam asked
Good morning. I’m trying to mimic a Remote Desktop gateway and session broker without using Microsoft.

We are going to have about 30 windows 10 desktops in azure. I don’t want to setup a RDG/Session broker. I’ve thought about kemp but I don’t know if other options exist.

I would like the user to be able to use RDC and put in the computer name and the gateway. Trying to make it simple.
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If you want the user to use RDC then you really should just set up RDS the right way. You haven't really explained why you don't want to.

But the moment you said you want users to open RDC to do stuff, you created a contradiction. You want to separate things that directly defy each other. You'll probably have to choose between those two opposing goals.
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And none of this really seems to deal with traffic manager in azure. Maming the subject yet a third entity that was never addressed or explained.


Sorry. I will explain further, I just didn't want to bore anyone with the details but here goes:

Currently we have a full RDG/Session broker that we use for 14 RDSH servers in our main HQ. They are all running off of VMWare ESXi hosts in a cluster.

We have two departments that we've created Windows 10 Desktops that pretty much deal with cloud based apps (QBO, Bill.com, etc) except some internal software like our time and billing. We use the current RDG/Session Broker for them to access those desktops.

We are in the process of moving several systems to Azure and we decided to start with these Windows 10 desktops. We have a VPN from our HQ to our subscription. I don't want to use RDG/Session broker for two reasons:

1. Using the current RDG we have, when the Windows 10 desktop user logs in they will have to go through the VPN to connect to their desktops, possibly slowing down their connection.
2. I want to see if something exists thats more stable than the Microsoft RDG.

I've heard Kemp will do the same thing but I am not familiar with it. I'm trying to give my users the ability to use RDC to connect to a windows 10 desktop behind some sort of device. I only want to use port 443 to help with RDP hacking.  If RDG/Session broker is the way to go I will create another one. I'm just looking for other options in case something exists that easier to setup and stable.

Thank you.
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If the Cms are going to live in azure, set up an RDS environment in Azure as well. If it were me, I'd be using Azure ADDS (months same thing as Azure AD), and an azure VM with RDG and RDCB roles. That way no traffic across the VPN and no on-premises single point of failure.