Blue Griffon 3 problem

Roger Alcindor
Roger Alcindor used Ask the Experts™
I am new at writing Web pages.
I have downloaded Blue Griffon 3 as a tool to make an HTML5 web page.
When I try to save the page (only one page), I get an error saying "please enter a title for the current page ?" as shown below.
I can't see how to do this !!
Any suggestions please ?

Blue Griffon Error

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the page needs a title
<title>This is the page Title</title>

You have to expand that window. Guessing you are using Windows 7 ??

Test Video


Hello David,
Thanks for your prompt comment, which I fully understand. I didn't make myself very clear. I was asking specifically about how the Blue Griffon application  program, which is a WSIWG web code generator, could be used to configure the page title (without editing the code as you have indicated in your comment).
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view the video


Watched the video. The option to name the page wasn't there in Blue Griffon 3 )(when the preview-page was selected) so I un-installed it (64 bit version) and installed the 32 bit Version 3 instead and I could then name the page.

Thanks for your comments.

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