open a file that is now on my desktop

I had this question after viewing how can I open .xml.gz file.

This may work if file was still on internet and I have ownership of file.

I have a related question where file is on my windows desktop and I am trying to open file.
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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
you can use 7-Zip to open and extract .gz files. download here:
A file ending in .gz
I suspect, you can simply rename the file stripping out .gz and opening the file ..
At times, the file might be compressed during transport, while stored as .xml but during the download, the name for the file included the compression suffix.
How big is the file? That could shed light. On whether it is compressed, versus merely have an errand suffix.
To gauge the compression, you have to have an idea on what the file contains and its size.
Echo this and comments in the other, download and install 7zip which is a multi-facet compression/decompression utility that includes .gz .z .zip and other .......
rgb192Author Commented:
7ZIP worked.
removing .gz did not make file open with readable words

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