Identify the LCD screen – Thinkpad T410

I need your help to identify the LCD screen on Thinkpad T410.
The type of T410 is 2522-DM9 or Product ID: 2522DM9.
The screen is broken and I want to order a new one, cheap from Asia.
I do not want to open the screen now and I cannot see anything on display. I cannot connect it to an external monitor.
I can find on eBay some parts and with Lenovo technical support I could probably find FRU:
But in the past, I remember, the display was a Samsung type, don’t remember now the model.
Some of them are with 30pins, some with 40 pins, some WXGA and some WXGA+, different resolutions.
I would like to identify properly the Samsung type and buy cheap on Alibaba or Aliexpress or Taobao.
For example: 1, 2, 3.

Can you help to identify the proper Samsung type, the LCD model for the Thinkpad T410 2522-DM9?
LVL 21
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
You will need to strip down the machine to do this. Lenovo along with the other big manufacturers source their components from multiple suppliers even within the same model range so details such as the pin-outs and even the location of the ribbon cable can vary between machines with identical branding.  Once you have the screen off though you'll almost certainly have the component labelling on display on the reverse of the panel although the Lenovo FRU may actually be the same on two different Samsung panels so use the supplier details in preference when looking to order the replacement.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I agree with the above. If you can get a complete lid on eBay cheap, that may be a lot easier for you to replace. I have done this myself.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
After shipping from China, and extra charges for a one-off non-wholesale purchase, and two months wait for delivery ... it'll be much less hassle to buy the proper part at fleabay.
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viki2000Author Commented:
Stripping down - I have done that, I know how to do it, but I thought can be avoided this time.
Buying from China - I have done that before and is true what you say. I paid over 20€ VAT on top of 60-70€ the LCD for a laptop screen before and I arrived close to the local 80-90€ after almost 1-2 months, was ugly. But this time i have seen with 20-30$ and I was not in  rush, so even with VAT, still comes to 50% of price from ebay, which are asking in Germany over 80€ for such screen.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
First make sure the machine is worth the repair, then look on eBay for a local person who has a complete lid or a screen only for a reasonable price.
viki2000Author Commented:
I will open the display, but I wanted to avoid that.
I have no time now, but maybe next week.
viki2000Author Commented:
Finally I got the time to open it.
You may see the code/model below: AU Optronics B141EW05 V.4 (with original FRU 42T0733 - maybe are some other compatible versions?)
The FRU 42T0733 can be found here:
with description as “LCD module, 14.1-inch WXGA LED-backlight”

Can you help to find a cheap (compatible) version of it?
I need it in Germany.
In Germany online I have seen around 80-90€ for one new and only a bit less for a used one.

Display LCD
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Seeing the same prices but also not seeing any "bargains" from China that are much cheaper.
viki2000Author Commented:
I have one more confusion.
Is this display with 40pins or 30pins?
How to find that for sure?

If I look here and I scroll down, then i see 40pins and at the bottom also other displays with different versions that might be compatible and maybe cheaper somewhere else.
Then if I look at this dealer I see mentioned with 30 pins and cheaper.
Then at bottom I see:
Compatibility       B141EW05 V.4   LTN141AT15    LP141WX5

Then similar I see here.
This is what I am talking about other manufacturer code/model compatible displays. It does not need to be AU Optronics as long as it fits and is made by Samsung or LG or whoever.

Now, if I search LTN141AT15, then I see similar prices as for B141EW05 V.4
But when I search LP141WX5, then I got under 40-50€ used on Germany, which would be convenient for me.
Before I jump there, I must be sure that LP141WX5 is really compatible with my B141EW05 V.4 in terms of pin numbers, Signal Interface      LVDS , Lamp Type      7S6P WLED Embedded (LED Driver),..and so on.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
The label is from a 40-pin panel

I use the site above to compare panels, find one you think is a good match and use compare to see if it is compatible on all the features you need.

My recommendation is to go with same model and version number (the EUR 80 option) then you've no doubt over compatibility, fit another panel which doesn't work and your supplier can just say it's your problem you bought the wrong thing.
viki2000Author Commented:
I have found on Alibaba some stores with 30-50USD new, but if I add transport and then the VAT then comes close to 80€ + long delivery time.
I think I must pay the 80€.
I think I will go with next store, as I have received from my company a 50€ Amazon voucher as gift:

I think it matches.
What do you think?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Again,  I would search for B141EW05 V.4 rather than LTN141AT15 unless you are certain they are completely compatible.

You order LTN141AT15, you get LTN141AT15, if it doesn't work because it's not B141EW05 V.4 you've wasted your company's gift.

You could check before ("I'm buying LTN141AT15 to replace B141EW05 V.4 because it's compatible, if it does not work can I return it to you?") and they agree then you win both ways.
viki2000Author Commented:
I will do that.
In the title and description it says are compatible.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks and good luck with your purchase.
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