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Name Server Issue

Hi Experts,

I have stumbled upon something tricky here and hoping someone can help me get to the bottom of it....

I was asked to setup Office 365 for a new customer so they could move away from their isp email and use it like a business should with their own domain name.....

So I set forth on my first Office 365 mission purchased through a provider set it all up obtained access so I could point the required records.... so far so good... well at least I thought, that was until the client let me know some mail was not reaching them!

Two reasons we knew....some who were attempting to email them received NDR's, the other way we knew was that I had setup forwarding on the ISP email (whilst they went through the motions of a new email address after years of using the ISP one) to forward directly to the new email address in which not all of it made it to the new email address. Most mail gets through but not all of it.

Test after test and liaising with the provider of the office 365 license and then finally onto Microsoft who blamed the forwarding on the ISP end (Which is incorrect) as it didn't explain the NDR's...

Upon further investigation I have found that there is some hang up on what used to be their webhost and provider of name servers!!! please see attachment for results.

It should resolve to

icertified.net but it answers to bigcommerce who they have not used for 5 years how is this so I asked them for proof and what they sent me appears to back up their story.

So my question is how on earth can I fix this! would getting the client to point to a new setup with say Zoneedit be the best option.

The domain was purchased through Crazy Domains and their support isn't exactly supportive if you get my drift!!! also what is making it difficult the client wont give me access as he has other clients under his Crazy Domains account for which he hosts websites.

Look forward for some handy tips thanks in advance.
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