does anyone have a pre penetration test Questionnaire?

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I'm looking for a list of pre PT Questionnaire, for an application based penetration test.
Thank you in advance,
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Go towards OWASP top ten risk will help - look at the "Is the Application Vulnerable?" section in each of the section. That can form your base set of question and the corresponding "answer" is in "How to Prevent" section in each risk chapter. One example,
A1:2017 - Injection Is the Application Vulnerable?

An application is vulnerable to attack when:
• User-supplied data is not validated, filtered, or sanitized by the application.
• Dynamic queries or non-parameterized calls without contextaware escaping are used directly in the interpreter.
• Hostile data is used within object-relational mapping (ORM) search parameters to extract additional, sensitive records.
• Hostile data is directly used or concatenated, such that the SQL or command contains both structure and hostile data in dynamic queries, commands, or stored procedures
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