Need advice PLz

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I have proliant DL380P GEN8 , I'm going to deploy sage 300 ERP system ,and use the sever to host the company's website..

I have 8 SAS HDD (2TP 10K SAS),

my questions plz:

1- what's the best RAID configuration for my HDDs?

2- Is it better to use HDDs in bay 1 & 2 as RAID 1 logical drive and install Windows server 2012R2 on each of them??.

3- Is there any way to protect my HDDs from damaging ,as 4HDDs suddenly stopped working and during powering the server on asked to replace them


any advice would be appreciated

thanks in advance

waiting your reply
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Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroTop Rated Freelancer on MS Technologies
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It's not so clear how many HDDs you have (I understood that you got 2).

So here's the minimalist recommendation:

I'd recommend you is to get a 3rd disk to just deploy the Operating system so, 128Gb will be enough (it can be maybe SSD).
And use your 2 SAS in a RAID 1 to store all your data.

The way you count to secure your server, it's basically a kind of UPS or power regulator, to protect the power that receives your server's power's supply.

And the Not so minimalist:

1SSD 128GB for OS.
get a 2 more SAS disk and use a Raid 6 instead to store all your data. (or raid 5 in case 6 can't be adopted)

Why? or how I'd justify this?. It's quite simple in a RAID1, you can have 1 hard drive failure (same as raid 5) and you will be just fine, but...
With a RAID 6, you can have until 2 simultaneous disk failures which are really weird these days.+

Here's a table that can be useful for you
Check the "Read/Write performance" and the "Fault Tolerance" values.


Thanks Jose,  
As I mentioned above ,  I have 8 SAS HDD (2TP ).

you mean to use the first 2 HDDs as a RAID1 , and install Windos server OS on the first HDD , then use the rest HDDs as RAID5 for data storage??
first of all it's depends up on your requirements ... is the server having data base on it / is it having high hits... does it need speed performance etc.

if yes then go with Raid 1+0  or (Raid 10) for o/s and ERP, so you'll get the read and write speed benifits as well as redundancy ...

in remaining you can create 1 global hotspare and 1 raid-5 with 3 HDD's

about the protecting HDD's the best practice is replace HDD's / the Machine depends up on your budget - after certain life cycle ... period...
or keep a seperate backup copy always for worst scenarios.

all the best
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Do not use RAID-5 with those big disks, the risk of a second disk failing while the first (failure) is rebuilding is too high - use RAID-6 or RAID10


Thanks a lot for you replies

I've configured RAID as following:
HHD1 & 2  as RAID 1 ( I'm going to install windows server O/S
HHD 3 ,5,6 and 7 as RAID 5 with HDD 8 as a hot spare
IS that OK??

I have another question please
Is it better to use DHCP on my server , or leave it to my router to control DHCP?  and If I use DHCP in my router, do I need to install DHCP rule in my server????
thanks again for your help
As I said RAID-5 not recommended anymore
If capacity is an issue for RAID10 go with disks 3-8 in RAID-6 ( will give you same capacity as your RAID-5+Spare config

Your DHCP question is a new topic, please create a seperate question so it can go to the right experts
@Sajid - we don’t use the ambiguous RAID1+0 or RAID0+1 forms anymore - Just RAID10 as everybody (except parts of Dell) knows what this means ie a single stripe of multiple mirrorsets
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