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Spam filter software ISP/provider

We are providing antispam service to few clients using our builtin antispam in our server.
Now customers requesting for interface to release the quarantined emails.

Is there any antispam software you guys know which can provide interface and filter spams?

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there are somany lets say one

you can use sonicwall virtual Email scurity appliance which can published through the public ip and can intigrate with the active directory

you can check this one as well https://www.spamtitan.com/spamtitan-private-cloud/       

all the best
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Thanks for your comment.
I am not that confident with Spamtitan. I had a bad experience with that product once.
I am looking for a solutions works like antispam for ISP.
J SpoorTME / Network Security Evangelist

SonicWall Email Security actually has a lot of flexibility for end users to manage their own anti-spam aggressiveness, language blocking, custom rules and more.
David FavorFractional CTO
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https://SpamHero.com is cheap + works well + provides quarantine management.
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What kind of mail server are you using?

I'm assuming your clients are running Exchange on premise and if so I really like MSFT EOP for on-premise (or for O365) servers: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Protect-on-premises-mailboxes-with-Exchange-Online-Protection-C5E95951-DA67-4EC7-92C5-982ABD477E69


When configured correctly we have had great results in our client-base.
Steve AlderEditor

I also recommend SpamTitan - Its well geared up for MSPs and ISPs. You can brand it up to include your own logos and you can host it within your own environment, plus your clients can get their own interface to check the quarantine folder and release emails - It will drastically reduce support calls to you.
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Time being I am using SpamTitan. lets see how it goes.