new KMS and WIN10

Hi Experts,

I have setup a new KMS server on WIN2016.
I have installed the license keys for WIN2016 and WIN10.

But when I check WIN10 activation I see an error on the client: 0xC004F038
The computer is not activated.

Can you help me out to check this please ?
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAsked:
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Dariusz TykaICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior Commented:
How many clients have already contacted KMS server? You need to have at least 25 workstations or 5 servers for KMS host to start activating endpoints.
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
ok, where can I check this ?
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
I also have installed VAMT.
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Dariusz TykaICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior Commented:
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:

here is the screenshot.

Dariusz TykaICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior Commented:
So your current count is 8 endpoints. You still need some more for KMS  server to start activating.
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
ok, I see.
But I have installed several KMS licenses.
I have installed WIN2016 and WIN10 licenses.

I want to check all installed licenses with this CMD -> slmgr /dli all
A window pops up but I cannot scroll down.
How to see all licenses here ?
Dariusz TykaICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior Commented:
According to this MS thread it is possible to copy&paste content of slmgr /dli all command using ctrl+c and ctrl+v
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Thanks , that helps a lot.

From the command slmgr /dlv all , I cannot find my WIN10 KMS key...
what happens here because I have installed the key.

I can see all my Server KMS keys but not my WIN10 key.
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
I tried again to enter my WIN10 Enterprise KMS key to VA Services.

But this failed always. Can you help me out please ?
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
My KMS Server is WIN2016.
I think I cannot install here WIN10 KMS key right ?
Dariusz TykaICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior Commented:
You don't need to. The KMShost for WS2016 should activate KMSclient for Win10 without issue.
As I pointed earlier for now your current count for KMS clients is not enough for KMS host to start activating clients. You need at least 25 clients contacting host. Also pls ensure that all your clients have correct KMS key as per this MS article: 10
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
in the past I have issued MAK keys.
Is it possible to change from MAK to KMS ?
I have seen in VAMT tool I can install a new key, can I do it with this VAMT ?

is it possible to increase the current count ? Do you have some recommendations ?
Dariusz TykaICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior Commented:
Yes you can use VAMT to change the key or you can change the key also using following command:
slmgr /ipk <enter your KMS key here>
Then you need to issue one more command to actually activate the client:
slmgr /ato

I'm not aware of any workarounds to increase the count besides reconfiguring more endpoints to KMS clients. In the past when I was testing KMS deployment I used our VMware environment to deploy around 20 test workstations within few hours :-) They were decomissioned soon after.

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Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
ok I solved it with VAMT tool.
I choosed 25 old WIN7 machines and installed the new kms host key on it.
The second staep was the activation.
Now the count is 25 and my system are all activated and licensed.

Big thanks to all here. :-)
Dariusz TykaICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior Commented:

glad I was able to help. Regarding your last comment - I hope you installed on those old WIN7 machines new KMS client not KMS host key.
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