Disk Quotason Workstation

I need to setup disk quotas for all users on volume C: of a domain joined Win7 workstation.

- Group Policy will set the quota but it seems to apply to System accounts, so error messages are coming up when installing software etc (especially during the workstations OS deployment)

- fsutil command will enable the quota and unrestrict the system accounts, but there is no way to set the default quota limit (eg: limit disk space to 10GB)

so what to do, neither option really works. and neither will a mix of the 2 options as GPO will proceed the command line, and then OS deployment will then fail.
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Panagiotis ToumpaniarisSystem EngineerCommented:
Yeah from my understanding, it's pretty much "all or nothing" for MS as far as disk quotas go.

One solution is to add quotas for all domain users through quota settings of the drive (highlight manually all domain users when adding quota entries).
Another is to use a script to do the same (with fsutil).

At the moment you either set the default quotas for ALL accounts (except admins) or on a per user basis. There are no group settings or exceptions on disk quotas.

Sorry for not helping..
Panagiotis ToumpaniarisSystem EngineerCommented:
but fsutil has a limit parameter on modify command :

fsutil quota [modify] <VolumePath> <Threshold> <Limit> <UserName>

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Doesn't this work for what you need?
PeteAuthor Commented:
that is per user, how can I set the default limit for all new users?
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