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iPad access to server share

Have an domain with a fileserver.
External users working on iPads need access, to upload pictures and edit excel docs.
Thouhgt of using DattoDrive (like dropbox), to seet up sync. works great on pc's and android phones, for booth needs.

But on iPads, they can upload pictures, but when opening excel docs, it only previews, and don't open in excel.

Tried using Onedrive for Business, which works for doc's but no upload of pictures..

It needs to be simple, take pic and click upload, choose forlder - save.
Open excel doc, edit and click save.

Any suggestion?
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Justin Pierce, MPS-CRM, CNDA, CEH
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Hi and thanx for the suggestion.
On of the main goal is that they work on one shared forlder. Not individual ones.
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it's how iOS is designed. If you choose Apple, you have to adhere to their rules. In this case, no app has interactions with each other, so one app is for the cloud synching, and one is to access file server, and one for editing. For each function, find the best app you like. But don't expect one app to do it all for you. If you want full freedom, go for Android.

If you want to share Excel document, you need to use OneDrive.

If you want to share photos, you need to use iCloud.

If you want a all in one solution, you need to install a third party cloud manager app like the one below.

But, in doing so, you need to turn on two step authentication of your OneDrive and iCloud accounts and create app specific passwords for your accounts.
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