I am getting below error on my2010  exchange server which is DAG

Error Description: MS Exchange DB integrity check: [\\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1567\DB\IME.DB02.edb start ... ] ...
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LBTechSolOperations DirectorCommented:
From the above error it looks like the VSS shadow Copy is causing you some problems. I would think that changing the VSS settings on this drive (removing them) should help. This should not be too much of an issue as i do not think that VSS on the .edb file would be of much use anyway.

This could also be related to VSS linked to backups, i have seen the VSS mess up when backing up Virtual machines. Maybe if you add a little more information in your setup the people here could offer more advice

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Please check the VSS Writers status with below command and see if all writers are in stable state?

Open Command Prompt: vssadmin list writers
pramod1Author Commented:
I ran vssadmin list writers, all looks ok but below is the past error reported, how should I correct this

Com server with and name HWPRV cannot be started.(0x8007042d)

service didnot start due to logon failure.event ID 13
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pramod1Author Commented:
surrogate back up stopped due to 0xFFFFFFFF(EVENT ID 914)

 it was halted by the client or connection with client failed
Can you please check the Space on the Drives ?
pramod1Author Commented:
it has 4 drives listed c, d, g, h

c drive seems to be ok, d - DB mount is 103MB of 116 MB
Page file disk  g drive--147MB free of 24 GB
Lun drive -h
I would suggest you make more space on other drives it seems to very low for me.. you need to clear the space
pramod1Author Commented:
You mean page file and DB mount drives , but if space is low how much should I create

also how low space cause above error
pramod1Author Commented:
but why it happens sometimes?
LBTechSolOperations DirectorCommented:
you need to confirm where both database and log files are held. You might find that as the log files increase and backups fail they are not cleared out in the background taking up more space until you finally have either a backup complete or a removal process for the logs. A drive of 116Mb is also very small and does not leave much capacity in the event something expands without your knowledge. By default i would suggest a minimum 10% free capacity monitor on all of your drive with an additional alert at 5%. With such small drives this still would not leave you with much space/time to resolve any capacity issues.

As for your page file, is this managed automatically or has this been set manually to a dedicated drive? If exchange is Given the space it will use it...
pramod1Author Commented:
it has been set up manually, but how low space cause vss failures
pramod1Author Commented:
through google answers I am getting this solution:Disable TCP Offloading on the NIC.
LBTechSolOperations DirectorCommented:
I have seen that response before for other network related issues (usually in virtual machines).

VSS in essence creates copies/versions of your files either during the day (12 midday & 7am, i think) and will store copies against the setting you have in place with Previous Versions:
If you have settings that allow for 10Gb and you only have 500Mb you will max your drive out...
Also your backup tools can utilise these VSS tools to complete jobs, could be a few different tools causing the issues. If these drives are not used for file/folders then i would suggest removing the ShadowCopies:

-Click Start , point to Administrative Tools , and then click Computer Management
-In the console tree, right-click Shared Folders , click All Tasks , and then click Configure Shadow Copies .
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