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How to listen to iPhone Voice memo with the music apps

jana asked
We have iPhone 7 plus and use a lot of the apps Voice Memos.  We have noticed that when listening to our recordings, if we open another apps it closes.  We were wondering if there is a way to have the Voice Memo running (listening to the memos) in the background and not be closed when going to another apps (similar like Music apps) - or if if there an apps similar to Music that stays in the background playing and can be used to listen to voice memos.
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BAD NEWS .. the Voice Memo app is not designed by Apple to work in the background .. that is a decision by Apple and there isn't really anything you can do.

The best option is to SHARE the recordings via Messages or Email or even put them in Dropbox or Files (new feature in iOS) and then you can load them in other apps which do support background listening.


can we convert them maybe?