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Microsoft CRM - Plugin debugging problem

Hi, I am working on a complicated team project where I am not able to debug the code.  I am working with VS 2015 in a TFS environment and XrmToolKit to check in and build the plugin in CRM.

When attempting to debug a plugin, I get the attached message:
User generated image
I have reviewed this with other developers on the team and they have had differing answers.  I need a way to set a breakpoint and step through the code to see what is not correct (missing quoteid, no guid, etc).

The answer I received was: Create a new .cs file in the unit test project to test code you want to implement.

Below is the code I was given for this process.  Set a break point where you want to debug the logic. Use the Test Explorer and locate your new .cs file.

using FakeXrmEasy;
using Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk;
using Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Client;
using Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Query;
using PACCAR_CRM_Code.Library;
using PACCAR_CRM_Code.Library.Result;
using PACCAR_CRM_Code.Plugins;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Net;
using System.ServiceModel;
using System.ServiceModel.Description;
using System.Xml;
using Xunit;

namespace UnitTestProject
    public class Test
        private static string OrgService = "http://spaceshuttle-test/LaunchTest";

        public void Test_Debug()
            var utilities = new Utilities();
            var ctx = new XrmFakedContext();
            var TracingService = new XrmFakedTracingService();
            var PIEventlog = new EventLog();

            //Establish Connection to CRM
            Uri organizatinUri = new Uri(OrgService + "/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc");
            ClientCredentials credentials = new ClientCredentials();
            credentials.Windows.ClientCredential = CredentialCache.DefaultNetworkCredentials; //new NetworkCredential("zzitdrentestcrm", "d#!b28$Oe@E1b!");
            credentials.Windows.AllowedImpersonationLevel = System.Security.Principal.TokenImpersonationLevel.Impersonation;
            OrganizationServiceProxy service = new OrganizationServiceProxy(organizatinUri, null, credentials, null);

            //Retrieve a quote for example
            Entity quote = service.Retrieve("quote", new Guid("YOUR GUID GOES HERE"), new ColumnSet(true));

            // Implement your Code here and use the quote above as the data if you require it


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This is not working for me.  I get errors in the Error List and cannot get a clean build locally.  Basically I am not sure what code to put in where the example above says:   // Implement your Code here and use the quote above as the data if you require it

I was also told that I could use a windows forms application to debug, I am not sure how this would work but I assume it involve writing additional code.

I need advice on using either method to debug my code.  Right now I am building and publishing to see the results once I get a clean build locally.  This doesnt work because it introduces potentially bad code into CRM and TFS.

Thanks for your help.
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You have to select the startup project or file  ..e.g. .if you are using ASP.NET then you need to click on the project - right click and choose run as start up project.
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it_saige: I would like to setup an online session to go through your solution.  I am in a sprint planning session now but let me know when would be a good day/time to go through your unit testing recommendations.

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I am using this comment to do debugging, thanks for your help