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Text Cursor invisible on console mode


How to Make The Text Cursor Automatically when i'm on console text ?
I use directly on boot the tty console and desactivate graphical mode.

Thanks for your reply,

someone talk me about : /etc/inittab, or /etc/fstab
But i don't think it's good idea to modify 2 by 5
Sofi Hero
Sofi Hero
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Dmitri FarafontovLinux Systems AdminCommented:
There is no cursor init 3 - also known as Text Mode.
Dmitri FarafontovLinux Systems AdminCommented:
Auto Close.
Sofi HeroJOLINDIENAuthor Commented:
i don't have cursor, on console text why ?
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
First, let's be clear about your question.

1) The term console text seems to relate to your boot process.

2) You seem to be saying you modified your grub config + then rebooted + now you have no TTY/console/text input/echo.

If this is incorrect, revise your question.

If this is correct, then describe exactly what you did to your grub config.

Note: If this is a clean install (no data), the easiest way to fix a broken grub config, is to do a full reinstall.

If you must fix your grub config without installing, best approach is to pop out the disk + install your drive into an external dock connected to a working Linux machine. Then fix your grub config. Then reboot, from the external disk to ensure your fixes restore your disk to a bootable state.

Best not to change any grub config, lest you end up with a bricked (unbootable) machine.
Dmitri FarafontovLinux Systems AdminCommented:
Grub is not broken. People advise to change to run level 5 to get a cursor back. However the cursor does exist and it depends on the terminal application used.

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