Laptop dosent get a correct IP when i do a ipconfig- But it is getting a IP from a different IP subnet

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My predecessors had configured a subnet for on the core switch with a separate VLAN and the VLAN ID is: 98. On the wireless controller I created new SSID called MARKT and also during the SSID configuration – under Advanced options – for the access VLAN , I have put 98.
Also I configure DHCP scope on the DHCP server and the address pool is (Start IP – End IP :

The SSID (MARKT) gets broadcasted and when I click –connect- and after putting the wireless key and says ok. On the system tray - SSID the wireless icon I can see a yellow exclamation mark - it says Limited access.
Also if I hover the cursor on the wireless icon, it says domain. Local 2(unauthenticated)
No Network access.
If I do an ipconfig on the laptop it is releasing a different IP that belongs to a different SSID and subnet.
Please let me know how to troubleshoot this as where the problem could be . When do the ipconfig it must release the IP form this scope ( –
The Core switch is CISCO 3750  and the edge is WS-C2960X-48LPS-L.

This SSID is a new setup not sure if some configuration is missing .Any help will be great and thanks in advance.
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The SSID in the wireless controller is propbably misconfigured. The new SSID must be connected to the proper VLAN. This in turn requires that the Vlan is on the trunk between your WLC and the switch and of course that the VLAN exists in the switch.

If you run a Cisco WLC you select an interface under the WLAN profile configuration. This interface is a Vlan that first must be setup in the interface configuration of WLC. There you select a VLAN id and must also select a dedicated IP in that VLAN for the WLC.

Good luck!

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