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The solution that Will gave me to auto start our Leads database so that employees won't have to do a File:OpenRemote, takes a long time after we upgraded from FM15 to 16.  I even recreated the database and created the table, fields, layout, and script from scratch and didn't save time.  The problem is that it takes so long to open (15 seconds?) that people click again and that hangs up FM.  It then never opens.
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I don't have the file you're using to look at but try going in and deleting an referenced External Data Source. Then reset the Open File [ ] script step. When you do, notice in the "Open Remote..." dialog if the files take a long time to show up under "Hosts" and in particular under "Local Hosts". I've noticed after some FM 16 updates that using Local Hosts takes up to a minute for the files to appear after you highlight the Server listed under Local Hosts. It seems to be some sort of local DNS issue with the server name.

If that's the case, try instead to create a Favorite using the actual IP address of the server. In most cases that have the lag, switching to the IP address eliminates the problem.


Tried his solutions and also had them confirmed by Filemaker and they did speed up the opening of FM 16.  However, this is still slower than the opening of Filemaker 14.

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