Aruba v8 wireless controllers

Wondering if anyone is using version 8 Arubas yet.  We are still on ver 6 and heard ver. 8 is buggy.
Also ver.8 requires a Mobility Master (hardware or VM)  Ver 6 does not require that.
This is when using two or more controllers for load balancing and redundancy.   Aruba is not advising to start with 6 and upgrade to v8. The topology is very different and will require us to rebuild the network for the upgrade. They recommend V8 from the beginning.
Wonder how mature ver.8 is.

Any information or experience about on that?  Thanks.
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Jakob DigranesConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
I've upgraded 5 customers so far from V6 to V8.
Version 8.0.1 was rather stranger, mostly from the GUI not mirroring information found in CLI and commands from GUI to CLI was 100% all the time. Version 8.1 fixed much of these and version 8.2 looks really good now.

In the latest upgrade with mobility master - 6 controllers, we have some tweaks whereas the number of APs showing up and down in the main dashboard isn't accurate, but drilling down to controllers it is. However, this is the only 8.2 version were I've seen this.

you can convert v6 configuration, but I tend to like to do the setup from scratch - the configs tend to build up quite a lot of old mess that never have been cleaned up.

You can also run V8 without mobility master - but then it operates much like V6.

so, why upgrade?
depending on your setup.

I'd recommend looking into Mobility Master and upgrade if you have mulitple controllers and a rather large WLAN setup. You'll get

* live upgrades. Upgrade without downtime
* load balancing and clustering, hitless failover for APs and clients
* AirMatch - improved ARM with 24 hr sampling time
* ability to do multi zone, if it is needed for you
* better airgroup control - MM sees all aigroup devices
Tiras25Author Commented:
Thanks Jakob,
 So having that that.  Better just to get the latest 8.2 now for the new office build?   The hardware is all the same right?  Just the firmware/software is different right.
We are planning for two controllers now.  So the re-seller suggests to get ver6 coz the 8 is too buggy still.  But I heard 8.2 fixed most of the things.
Jakob DigranesConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
Yes ... for a new build, go for the newest. Is this a new setup or upgrade?
Only 72XX and 70XX controllers support AOS8, together with virtual appliances. 600, MBX3000 controllers cannot run AOS8.

I'd never suggest staying on version 6 as long as version 8.2 is up and running
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Tiras25Author Commented:
New setup.  Getting 2x 7030 64AP branch controllers.  
I agree I'd love to go with newest 8.2 version.  Thanks Jacob.
Jakob DigranesConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
Ah ... as long as it is new setup - definitely go for 8.2(0,1)
good luck
Tiras25Author Commented:
Thanks Jakob.  Just need to find a piece of hardware for the Mobility Master.  Don't really want to buy a the whole server for it.  And HW appliance is awfully expensive.
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