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How to remove all other icons except SAFARI on IPAD, force IPAD to start SAFARI when turned on.

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As a follow up to Best method to setup a tablet in KIOSK mode where it can only use Internet Browser to 1 website..

The steps mentioned in the above question were perfect for restricting the IPAD to only one website in SAFARI, and removing the ability to get in MOST apps on the IPAD, but I can still get in some of the APPS (maps, clock, etc...)

Is there a way to make SAFARI the only app user can go into, and is there a way to force the ipad into SAFARI when the unit comes on?

This device will be locked in a KIOSK stand and I'm tryng to remove as many possible problems as possible.

The IPAD I am testing with is an IPAD 2, running IOS 9.3.5
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Scott CSenior Engineer

If you want to remove everything except Safari, your only option is to jailbreak your iPad.

Now keep in mind, jailbreaking may "brick" your device.  In other words...this may make your device unusable, but it will most likely give you want you are looing for.


Again, use at your own risk.

Moderators...if discussion on jailbreaking is against the rules, please let me know and delete this post.


I'm seeing something called "Single App Mode" that uses something called the APPLE CONFIGURATOR, requires configuring the IPAD with a MAC (which I don't have), and placing the IPAD in "SUPERVISED MODE".   But not a lot of detail.

Wonder if having a MAC is the only option.... and where I could find detailed instructions on the process (with or without a MAC)
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Actually, you can use single app mode for most MDM solutions.

Just register for an Apple DEP account at http://deploy.apple.com and choose the MDM solution you want to make it happen.


Thanks, that is what I needed!