Windows 2012 AD and DNS

Some years back I was working with a Microsoft support tech on an issue when he noticed my Operations Master was pointing to the other DC as its Primary DNS Server and itself second. It was unrelated to what we were working on, but he told me that the Operations Master for AD should always point to itself first and the other DC second and that the other DC should point to the Operations Master first and itself second. I recently was having a conversation with a colleague who told me a Microsoft Engineer told him just the opposite that if each domain controller should point to the other as primary and themselves as secondary.... so which truly is the correct way and/or does it really matter?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
You usually want DNS pointing to another DC as primary. The only real reason for this is so, during a restart or any other event where directory services is starting, it has an active DC to talk to. Directory services likes to check to see if it is up to date before advertising itself as a valid DC so pointing at itself defeats this, extending boot times a bit.

Other than that it doesn't really matter.
DKHeneryAuthor Commented:
Thank you Cliff.. that actually makes more sense...
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