Exchange 2016 UM Directly Dial Extension without #

Mohammed Hamada
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Hello everyone,
Recently I was doing a project with AA involved, The customer wanted to dial extension without having to dial # first and in the meantime they didn't want for voice recognition to be active. Is this possible to do in 2016 Exchange ?
Thanks alot
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After checking and researching, Found out that this is not possible! So Instead I created an empty AA called ExtensionAA with no respond to voice commands option set.

On the Addressbook and operator access option I set all options active and set address book search option to entire organization.

Then created the actual AutoAttendant and set the extension option as number one in the Menu Navigation and set the action to 1 one and when 1 is pressed it'll redirect user to the ExtensionAA so they can press the extension they wanna dial.

It's pretty easy when instructions is included in the greetings.

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