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Graphics card and VGA

Usman Farid
Usman Farid asked

I have just added a graphic card for one of the users.

So, graphic card drivers re not installed yet, however once graphic card is in PCI slot, monitor fail to connect with VGA.

Is it the case that Graphic card is getting a priority over VGA?

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Hello ThereSystem Administrator
Distinguished Expert 2018

First, install drivers!

Can you use another port (HDMI, etc.)?
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer
When you install a graphics card the built in vga stops outputting signal unless you select different in BIOS
Hello ThereSystem Administrator
Distinguished Expert 2018
A PC automatically prefers graphics card, not integrated one, I guess, unless you make changes in BIOS. Your MB also has to support an output from two graphics cards. Otherwise you will have to choose which one you will use.
Usman FaridService Desk Analyst



Do not have a HDMI port.

and will change settings from BIOS and try it.

Thanks you
Principal Software Engineer
In most BIOS systems (which are becoming more scarce now that UEFI is well deployed), there is an option to prefer (a) the built-in graphics adapter, (b) the add-in graphics adapter, or (c) "automatic".

If two graphics adapters are present - one on-board, one add-in - a BIOS usually disables one or the other to prevent hardware conflicts.  It is somewhat unusual to find a system that can support both built-in and add-on adapters simultaneously.  (This is as opposed to two or more add-in adapters, which normally works.)
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

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