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I just got a Windows 10 laptop and it saw the WiFi from my AT&T router so it got on the Internet fine.  But I notice that it also sees my desktop computer there, which has a CAT5 cable going into theAT&T router, so I guess that puts the desktop machine on the same network as the WiFi devices connecting to the router.  But if I click the desktop computer icon on the new laptop,  it asks for  a username and password to connect. It's been years since the desktop was set up and I don't know the username and password.  Is there a way I can get this from the desktop machine, itself, which I can log onto from the keyboard as an Admin user?

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It should be the same username and password you use to log on to the desktop directly. Or are you saying you haven't logged on to the desktop in that long? If you used your Microsoft account to set up the PC, you might be able to go to your account page and recover your password that way:

If you did set the desktop up that way, the only supported way of recovering the password is to reset the PC:

Alternatively there are password cracking tools out there, but discussion of exact details of what tools is against EE policy.

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