GPO Screen Saver not delete Pictures

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I have been playing with windows screen saver

I have created an folder within the File Server to show pictures as a screen saver

I have 5 pictures I would like to show

These are copied to the client machine from GPO

GPO Setting
Source Files \\fileserver\ScreenSaver\*.*
Destination Folder c:\windows\ScreenSaver
Suppress errors on individual File actions

Read Only  - Disabled
Hidden  - Disabled
Archive - disabled

Stop processing items on this extension if an error occurs on this item - No
Remove this item when it is no longer applied - No
Apply once and do not reapply - No

This works a treat but  When I delete a picture from the file server, The client machine is still picking up the old picture. Do I need to add an gpo to delete the client machine folder c:\windows\screensaver\*.* then re publish the pictures ?

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If part of you action is copy all pictures to local computer folder and screen saver is using this location to pickup files then if you delete files from network, pictures are available for screen saver from local location.

In that case you must add command to delete files from local computer but it's not going to be easy, maybe better is to use remote (network) location for pictures (map network drive) for screensaver.


ok cheers, good answer
Tom CieslikIT Engineer
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Author said, good answer but did not returned to question. Best solution provided, no more other questions from author

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